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Sacrofano - Church of Saint John the Baptist - The Via Flaminia

Sacrofano, chiesa di San Giovanni Battista, campanile

Saint John the Baptist was rebuilt in the late 15th century on the site of a 12th-century medieval church, of which it preserves the ancient bell-tower. Access to the single nave is through the vestibule, which since 1799 houses the huge bell cast in 1357 ‘in onore di Dio e a ricordo della liberazione della Patria’ (‘to the glory of God and in memory of the liberation of the land’).  The vast interior is flanked on the right by a long ambulatory adorned with several pictorial works, including the icon of Ecce Homo and a fresco of the Pentecost (17th cent.); on the left are two recesses and an inlaid pulpit dating from 1641. 

At the centre of the wooden ceiling, decorated with pictures and inlaid work, is a painting of Saints John the Baptist and Blaise (16th-17th century).

The apsidal area abounds in Renaissance artwork; the bones of St. Justin are preserved in a great urn under the coloured marble high altar, built in 1515.  The upper area is home to a painting of the Virgin Mary and two shrines, one at either side containing reliquaries of saints.  

The vault of the apse is frescoed with a late 16th-century Assumption by the Roman school. 

But the item of greatest interest is undoubtedly the priceless polychrome marble ciborium, embellished with the sculptures of two cherubim, which in the past was used to hold holy oil. 

via di Mezzo - 00060 Sacrofano (Rm)
Historic-Artistic Heritage